why i love GlobeMed

Ahh, GlobeMed, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

Your students are committed, intelligent, sensitive, and engaged. Through my involvement, I gained lifelong friends who have molded me, challenged me, and thrilled me.

Your demands for time, thought, and effort have constantly pushed me to be a better manager, worker, student, global citizen, and person.

Your network is supportive, vibrant, and inspiring. Through summits and leadership institutes, couch-surfing networks and Facebook groups, I have never felt alone. There is always a community waiting to debate with me, comfort me, expose me to new things, and inspire me.

You’ve shaped the person I am today.

The most extraordinary thing about you though, dear GlobeMed, is your partnerships. Without a doubt, the global network of change-makers, mentors, and friends that you’ve created and continue to participate in is the most beautiful community I’ve ever been able to count myself a part of. I feel lucky every day that I have connections all over the world…they’re all just friends I haven’t met yet. I know that though we may not speak the same language, use the same instrument to eat noodles, do the same things on a Friday night, or have the same flavors of cookie, we have significant and important things in common. We all have a shared passion for serving the less privileged. We all believe, to our core, that health is a human right and that health equity is worth fighting for. We all believe in burning the midnight oil in the interest of social justice and a more peaceful world, and these bonds are made of a stronger thread than normal friendships. These common connections create resilient bonds that will shape the world as surely and profoundly as any earthquake or tsunami.

Partnership is almost always challenging, but that is part of what makes it so beautiful. You get to sit down in meetings with people you may not fully understand and resolve to not get up until your goals have been accomplished together. Partnership destroys past ideas of charity. Lopsided, donor-recipient relationships don’t exist in the same space as partnership, and though it is not the easy road to take, it is definitely worthwhile. Communication issues, misunderstandings, attitudes shaped by less than perfect partnerships in the past, and frustrations all come into play frequently. However, at the end of the day, when you know you’ve worked with someone instead of around them or over them, the satisfaction is priceless. Partnership taught me openness, empathy, and creativity. It taught me patience, love, and humility. It also taught me that without pragmatism, all the empathy and love in the world will do no good. Positive emotional growth must be paired with practical problem solving and good ole’ fashioned hard work, otherwise the sentiment is hollow. Through you, GlobeMed, I’ve come to truly understand what partnership means, and there is no more precious gift you could have given me.

Partnership is far too often the road not taken, the road less travelled. You forced me to go down it, GlobeMed, and once you start, there’s no turning back. Despite the difficulties, it has been a transformative journey, and this is only the start. So here’s to you GlobeMed. Here’s to all you’ve given me. Here’s to a brilliant future.

With gratitude, love, and pragmatism…thank you.


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